Cierto Estudio

CIERTO ESTUDIO is an architecture studio founded in Barcelona in 2014 by six young architects: Marta Benedicto, Ivet Gasol, Carlota de Gispert, Anna Llonch, Lucía Millet and Clara Vidal. Having been born from plurality, their thinking is inevitable diverse and so it is reflected in their collaborative work methodology that seeks for character and maximum architectural claim.

They highlight their fascination in the field of collective housing, with innovative designs meant to be adaptable to different living styles. In this field the studio is developing two iconic social housing projects -‘Illa Glòries’ and ‘Kitch·room’- whose housing typologies claim the key position of the kitchen in the house. Their fresh approach to public housing comes from the importance they give to interior design, thanks to their parallel works in apartment renovations as well as single family projects and even hotels. This domestic approach of theirs doesn’t end here but has been taken out to the streets. Their recent award to head the Model of New Green Axes of urban plan ‘Superilla Barcelona’, called the studio to lay the foundations for the sustainable transformation of the Eixample grid in the next decade. Within this plan, the practice is besides in charge of Consell de Cent street redesign, the main axis alongside with other 3 axes and 4 plazas to be developed. Soon citizens will become the protagonists of these streets and will be able to enjoy new living-public-spaces.
These three public projects are nowadays under construction, and so is Cierto Estudio’s will to display their practice outside the limits of their beloved hometown, Barcelona.


Cierto Estudio