Cone lights
Studio Vit

Cone lights is a collection of lights in aluminium and glass. Spheres in handblown glass and cones in spun aluminium make up a collection of pendant, table and floor lights. The lights are available in a hand polished mirror or marble blasted finish. The mirror finish catches the light and reflects the full colour spectrum which at some angles makes the metal have a rainbow-like hue. In contrast, marble blasting makes the aluminium appear stone-like, matt and textured to the touch.

Cone lights was originally designed for a solo exhibition at Etage Projects in 2015 and later included in a solo exhibition at MDR Gallery in 2018. It was also part of Alu! a group exhibition at MDR Gallery exploring the potential of aluminium in 2019. Cone lights is entirely made by hand in close collaboration with selected workshops in the United Kingdom and sold as an unlimited numbered edition.

Studio vit

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