Filles à Papa

Even though they’re at the helm of a brand beloved by celebrities, sisters Carol and Sarah Piron of the Belgian label Filles à Papa don’t look to the red carpet when they’re in search of fashion inspiration. “We are not attracted to perfect and flawless elegance—what speaks to us is an interesting element that enriches the personality,” Carol explains. “The brand is a mix of our tastes that creates a unique dynamic.” Mixing up typical streetwear with sultry details and witty pop culture references—to David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and George Michael—the duo’s designs have struck a chord with everyone from Oscar winners like Marion Cotillard to Insta girl Hailey Baldwin.

The Pirons launched the label in 2012 and chose Filles à Papa (“Daddy’s Girls”) as the name even though their “very fashionable mom” was probably more of an inspiration. The sisters caught the fashion bug at different times. Sarah studied fashion design at ESMOD. Carol didn’t realize she wanted to become a designer until she began graduate school at Ecole de Recherche Graphique, where she was studying art history. “I started to feel a strong attraction to fashion—I thought it was a great way to express my creative research,” she said.

While immersing themselves in the business, they set out with the goal of creating clothes that represented both their individual styles. Carol’s favorite pieces skew sporty, while Sarah is drawn to the feminine, but there’s one thing they can agree on—great streetwear should look effortless. “Our collections are built in an unconventional way with the diversity and the mix and match of a wardrobe,” says Sarah.

The brand’s vibe translates into their personal look. With Sarah currently craving luxe accessories like Saint Laurent’s crystal-covered boots and Carol itching to get her hands on Dior’s plexiglass heels, the designers already know exactly how they’ll be spicing up their basics and which pieces they’ll be sharing. “We are very fortunate that we have the same shoe size. Thank God!” they exclaim.

Filles à Papa

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