Katarina Šoškić

I am interested in the potency of image—the way its narrative qualities can be employed to question dominant social structures. I use photography and words to research and analyze social phenomena, culture and subcultures, impact of tradition and history, construction of social roles and underlying psychological mechanisms. Deciding on a certain perspective, possibility of switching points of view and questioning spectrum of possible truths are the most challenging aspects of my work.

I have been a PhD candidate in Artistic research at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since October 2016. I take coastal mass tourism of Europe and mutations of landscape as samples useful for an exploration of text and image and their codependency. I work on expanding the silent mode of both photography and photo books.

I work as a photographer, commissioned mostly for portrait, fashion and travel photography.

(Text: katarinasoskic.net)

Katarina Šoškić