Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf. Born in Haarlem, the Netherlands on 27 October 1944. Married with Anja Libbenga in 1970. Residing at Broekstraat 17, 6999 DE Hummerlo, the Netherlands.

I started my landscape and garden design practice with my wife Anja in 1976 in Haarlem. We moved to Hummelo in the eastern part of the Netherlands in 1982 to start a nursery growing rare and hard to find unusual but garden worthy perennials. The nursery was mainly runned by Anja. My work became well known by the more radical ideas showed in publications about the Hummelo garden.

After 1986 I picked up garden and planting design again..
(Text: oudolf.com)

Piet Oudolf

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