Plinth Project
Studio Vit

Studio vit is part of the Plinth Project at Etage Projects, an exploration and demystification of the plinth by artists and designers of the gallery. The exhibition runs from 18 November 2016 to 21 January 2017.

Plinth Project is an examination of the parameters of plinths as typology and our cultural conceptions of them. Popularised in Greek antiquity, a plinth is a structural object that bridges sculpture and architecture. In opposition to classic styles, it was standardised into a generic series of white monolithic boxes with no ornamental connection to its guest. Along with modernism it has been reduced to an extension of the white walls, a supporting element, a servant to art work, a presentation aid for the objects that cannot bare to be on the ground.

This exhibition commissioned designers to produce a plinth in the same manner they would design any object. The pieces are viewed under the same criteria as other furniture modes, with the same aesthetic and practical principles that have defined their practice. Without an artwork to display however, the plinths are free to be promiscuous and experimental, questioning and refining current styles and methods of display. Text by Soft Baroque

Anton Alvarez, FOS, Fredrik Paulsen, Guillermo Santomá, Hilda Hellström, James Shaw, Jenny Nordberg, Kueng Caputo, Maria Lenskjold, OOIEE, PettersenHein, Soft Baroque, studio vit.

Studio vit

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