Saša Štucin

With fashion photography body is usually the main object to photograph, but that’s not the case here. Sasa’s main attraction are objects while the body is somehow just an extra in her well positioned and so well placed photos.

It’s not even fair to call her a fashion photographer as that’s just kind of happened by accident, and it only covers maybe a good 10% of her work opus. Sasa Stucin is Royal College of Art graduate who works simultaneously in object design and photography. Together with Nicholas Gardner, Saša founded Soft Baroque, she is Editor at Large at POP Magazine and frequent contributor to Purple Magazine. Her work has been exhibited in the V&A, Christie’s in London, MoMA PS1 and Swiss Institute in New York. Her photos are mysterious, fun, beguiling, utterly charming, and populated by enigmatic characters..

Soft Barroque

Saša Štucin

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