Tadeas Podracky

Tadeas Podracky is an experimental designer who is seeking authenticity in our immediate surroundings. Through material research, questioning craft heritage, and strong hands-on making, Podracky proposes a new methodology, a reformulated approach to design, based on exploring expression, destruction, and accenting individuality. Whether it is an object or space, he is always looking for a way to break down the established principles of "good" design; in order to bring new possibilities and emphasize the multi-layered identities of the contemporary individual.

Tadeas Podracky went through the design and fine art academic training. He received a MA in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven and MA at the Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague; completed study internships in the Fine Art studio at the School of Visual Arts (New York) and in the Monumental Sculpture studio at the Academy of Fine Arts (Prague).
(Text: tadeaspodracky.com)

Tadeas Podracky