World of Ulteriors
Soft Baroque, Etage Projects

World of Ulteriors
Soft Baroque, Etage Projects

10 MAY – 29 JUNE 2019

The manifestos and schools of supreme design principles are over, instead we have succumbed to the western capitalist ethos of economic diversification and multiplication, a capitulation to the “everything”. We turned ourselves in as domesticated savages dancing to the tunes of shopping poetry, a form of mood board worship, torn between the conflicting ideologies of being local and a global patron.

Home decoration is traditionally sold on a form of authenticity and the experience of the objects that inhabit these interiors is vitally important for their value. However, the roll of the renderings and digital representations of ideal and desirable spaces has driven us to strange tastes. The confused confidence of the real estate market, produce high-res presentations of domesticated dreams. A world of cross pollinated multi practical identities, self-justified nostalgic obsessions, with the power to furnish a space from a database of millions of 3d models.

In World of Ulteriors Soft Baroque are creating a series of objects that both participate and subvert these movements. The fetishisation of hi-performance materials in combination with luxury tropes, are both examples of digitally assisted free market feedback loops gone awry and genuine expressions of our natural desires.

The pieces in the show are placed on large format architectural renderings composed by architectural designer office Nicholas Ashby. They perform as a zero horizon back drop, similar to a product photo floating in a white void, although this time it is a series of fictions sparse interiors. Digital spaces referencing the visual language of property developers and their marketing material, now fully furnished, Soft Baroque make a disconnected but realistic scenes mixing the borders between craft and image.


Soft Baroque

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